A&E Network

Profile: Nominated for more Emmys than any other basic cable network, A&E gives viewers an emotional experience and connects them to fascinating stories and characters. From A&E Network's unique brand of Real-Life series such as Dog The Bounty Hunter and Growing Up Gotti to critically acclaimed documentaries like Biography and Cold Case Files. From original dramas, movies and miniseries to the best in off-net dramas. There is nothing on TV like A&E.

*       Viewer Demographic: A high quality, direct line to the hardest to reach audiences: more affluent viewers with more discretionary incomes.

*       Men 49% Women 51%

*       Average viewing age: 25-54

*       Subscriber base: .91+ MM HH

*       Launch Date: February 1984

ABC Family Channel  

Profile: ABC Family features original movies, series and specials - programming that is about today's families with all of their diversity, dysfunction, humor and passion. Real families, Real stories, Real heart. Recently ABC Family launched several original series including the channel's first scripted drama Wildfire, which delivered the highest series premiere in the history of the channel in all key demographics, and was picked up for a second season with 13 additional episodes. The channel also premiered the drama Beautiful People starring Daphne Zuniga which returns with additional episodes for 2006. ABC Family owns the holidays with 13 Nights of Halloween and 25 Days of Christmas branded programming events. Distributed in over 88 million homes, ABC Family attracts key young adult demos and is the only place where advertisers can speak to the entire family.

*       Viewer Demographic: One of the most desirable age profiles in television, with audiences ranging from 18-49 years old.

*       45% of audiences watch during primetime

*       Subscriber base: 91 MM HH

*       Launch Date: August 1998

Access Television Network

Profile: Formerly the Product Information Network, Access Television Network is the largest national cable network dedicated exclusively to satellite distribution of state-of-the-art digitally fed paid programming. It provides the only organized national marketplace for locally targeted, flexible paid programming on cable systems.

*       Value to Advertisers: 24 hour infomercial network with two satellite feeds for delivering 36 hours of paid programming a day.

*       Highly competitive media rates at an outstanding value

*       Increased sales for the products and services advertised

*       Subscriber base: 30 MM HH

*       Launch Date: November 1993

The Africa Channel

Profile: The Africa Channel is a showcase for the African continent’s most outstanding English-language television shows that reflect the people of Africa. From news, information and International affairs, to travel, lifestyle and leisure; From soap operas to documentaries to music, there is something for everyone.

*       Subscriber base: 2 MM HH

*       Launch Date: September 1, 2005

American Movie Classics  

Profile: AMC is a 24-hour, movie-based network dedicated to the movie fans. The network, which reaches over 87 million homes, offers a comprehensive library of popular movies and an increasingly visible, critically-acclaimed, slate of original programming that is a diverse mix of original series and specials. Throughout AMC's history, the network has garnered many of the industry's highest honors, including multiple Emmy awards.

*       Viewer Demographic: Adults 25-54

*       Men 58.9% Women 41.1%

Subscriber base: 89 MM HH

Launch Date: October 1984

America One

Profile: America One is a general entertainment broadcast network that provides family oriented programming. Built by and for people who are passionate about America, programming includes nostalgic movies, westerns, outdoor sporting events and news, all focusing on Western U.S. culture.

*       Viewer Demographic: Adults 25-54 baby boomers

*       Affluent and underserved Western enthusiasts

*       Subscriber base: 22 MM HH

*       Launch Date: 1995

AmericanLife TV Network

Profile: Formerly the Nostalgia Network, AmericanLife TV is a 24-hour cable network devoted to the baby boomers and the post-baby boomer generations. Ideal for family viewing, it offers original entertainment for those who expect more out of life, current issues, financial information and classic programming favorites.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 75% Women 25%

*       Subscriber base: 10 MM HH

*       Launch Date: 1985

Animal Planet

Profile: Animal Planet is the only television network dedicated to the emotional connection between humans and animals. The network brings people of all ages together by tapping into a fundamental fascination with animals through an array of fresh programming that includes humor, competition, drama and spectacle from the animal kingdom.

*       Value to Advertisers: This network has the ability to capitalize on the $20 billion pet industry and attract new categories of adventures to cable.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 50% Women 50%

*       Median viewer age: 43 years old

*       Subscriber base:.89 MM HH

*       Launch Date: June 1, 1996


AZN Television

Profile: Formerly the International Channel, AZN Television is the only nationwide cable channel serving multi-generational Asian American viewers. It targets the nation’s rapidly growing population of Asian Pacific groups through global news programs, sports, and entertainment.

*       Viewer Demographic: Asian Pacific Adults

*       71% of Asians exhibit strong brand loyalty to advertisers who advertise in ethnic media.

*       Subscriber base: 12 MM HH

*       Launch Date: July 1990

BBC America

Profile: BBCA is a digital cable and satellite channel dedicated to bringing audiences’ comedies, provocative dramas, life changing makeovers and news, selected from the very best of British America.

*       Viewer Demographic: All ages 12-54

*       Anyone interested in programs having a global perspective

*       Subscriber base: 42 MM HH

*       Launch Date: March 1998


Profile: Black Entertainment Television (BET) is the leading African-American multi-media entertainment company. BET is committed to establishing the most valued consumer brand within the African-American marketplace. We accomplish this mission by delivering quality entertainment and information, to the growing African-American consumer base using a variety of media properties. BET's 24-hour programming line-up is divided into music, entertainment, news and public affairs programming blocks designed to entertain, educate and inform. This is achieved through a creative combination of original shows and programming acquisitions.

*       Viewer Demographic: All ages 12-54

*       Subscriber base: 83 MM HH

*       Launch Date: January 1980


Profile: BET J (JAZZ) has evolved into a music, entertainment and cultural hybrid that melds the best of BET Jazz with an attractive collection of original and acquired programs for adult viewers. BET J delivers a menu full of rhythm that mixes in vintage soul, classic R&BB festive Caribbean and neo-soul.  BET J is a digital cable and satellite channel dedicated to bringing audiences’ comedies, provocative dramas, life changing makeovers and news, selected from the very best of British America.

*       Viewer Demographic: All ages 12-54

*       Anyone interested in programs having a global perspective

*       Subscriber base: 42 MM HH

*       Launch Date: March 1998


The Biography Channel

Profile: Welcome to The Biography Channel, where we tell stories, share secrets, and get personal. Here's where viewers meet fascinating people in the public eye, from those who make Hollywood happen to those who just make life interesting. Biography®, original series, original short features and movies are woven together for a dynamic people-watching experience.

Viewer Demographic: Men 40% Women 60%

Technologically advanced 18-54 year olds

*       Subscriber base: 31.2 MM HH

*       Launch Date: November 1998

Bloomberg Television

Profile: Bloomberg Televisions is a 24-hour business and financial news channel that presents up-to-the-minute coverage of financial news and markets. Its 10 networks, seven languages and multi-screen formatting enables information to be displayed for investors who need quick, reliable news and data as the market conditions change.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 71% Women 29%

*       Professionals and wealth-seekers with a powerful environment

*       Subscriber base: 34 MM HH

*       Launch Date: February 1994


Profile: Bravo is the cable network that plugs people into arts, entertainment and pop culture with original programming, acclaimed off-network dramas, comedy and music specials, movies and by showing a whole different side of celebrities. Currently available in more than 80 million homes, Bravo is known for breaking exciting new personalities, shaking up the way we look at style, media, fame and Hollywood. Pulling back the curtain on the creative process and making influential and inventive original programming. Its critically acclaimed and award-winning original programming includes Inside the Actors Studio, Project Runway, Celebrity Poker Showdown, and Blow Out as well as the 2004 Emmy winner for Outstanding Reality Program, Queer Eye. The network's latest hits include Being Bobby Brown and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. Bravo's a program service of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment, a division of NBC Universal one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news, and information to a global audience. Bravo has been a NBC Cable Network since December 2002.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 50% Women 50%

*       Median Age: 45

*       Subscriber base: 80 MM HH

*       Launch Date: December 1980

Cartoon Network

Profile: The best place for cartoons is the world's first 24-hour Cartoon Network - an outrageous environment that celebrates toons! Drawing from the world's largest cartoon library, Cartoon Network has been a consistent ratings leader with its innovative packaging of beloved cartoon characters and developing original, exclusive new cartoons. ADULT SWIM  is the overnight Adult cartoon programming block on the Cartoon Network airing M-Su 11P-6A.

*       Viewer Demographic: Buying power (parents) and Influencing power (kids)

*       70% Kids/Teens; 30% Adults 18-49 (mainly ‘Adult Swim’)

*       Subscriber base: 91 MM HH

*       Launch Date: October 1, 1992

Casa Club TV

Profile: Currently viewed in 18 countries in Latin America, Casa Club TV is dedicated to bringing the Latino Community in the United States a high-quality television viewing experience. The network is centered on cooking, interior design, architecture and lifestyle.

*       Viewer Demographic: Middle-class Latino-Americans

*       Subscriber base: 6 MM HH in Latin America and Brazil

*       Launch Date: August 2003

ChicagoLand TV

Profile: ChicagoLand’s only 24-hour regional cable news and sports network, delivering information devoid of any hype or sensationalism. CLTV is a co-operative news gathering source with cross promotion by WGN-TV, the Cubs and the Chicago Tribune.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 51% Women 49%

*       Subscriber base: 1.7 MM HH

*       Launch Date: January 1993


Profile: CNBC is the recognized global leader in business news, providing real-time financial market coverage and business information to more than 200 million homes worldwide, including more than 88 million households in the United States and Canada. CNBC's mission is to report on events that affect our global economy. Each business day, CNBC provides fourteen hours of live business and financial news and analysis presented by an unparalleled team of anchors, reporters and contributors. The network's programming is produces by CNBC's Global Headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, NJ and also includes reports from CNBC news bureaus in Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, London and Singapore. In Primetime, CNBC delivers smart entertainment and an alternative perspective of the day's news..


*       Viewer Demographic: The most affluent, influential and technology savvy people in business

*       Men 60% Women 40%

*       Adults 25-54

*       Subscriber base: 95 MM HH

*       Launch Date: April 1989


Profile: Through CNN, viewers have 24-hour access to the people, places and events shaping the globe. Today CNN's mission is more relevant and powerful than ever before - to connect audiences with the world wherever and whenever they want it, and report the news with all of the insight and humanity viewers have come to expect. CNN has established a one-of-a-kind connection with its viewers. Through this relationship, CNN can connect advertisers to desirable consumers effectively and efficiently. The marketing environment of CNN is unparalleled. Through a vast network of 37 bureaus, 950 affiliates and 4,000 of the most respected professionals in journalism, CNN reaches more people in more places than any other news organization in the world. No other news brand offers more consumer touchpoints than CNN.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 46% Women 54%

*       57% of viewers are Adults 25-54

*       Subscriber base: 92 MM HH

*       Launch Date: June 1980

CNN en Español

Profile: The only 24-hour Spanish-language global news network gathered, written and produced from a Latin perspective. CNN en Español features breaking news coverage, in-depth worldwide reporting on topics including the economy, the environment, sports, technology, personal finance, health, travel, lifestyles and politics that cater to the needs to the U.S. Latin viewer.

*       Viewer Demographic: Well-educated, up-and-coming executives, Spanish and English speaking

*       Men 55% Women 45%

*       Subscriber base: 2.6 MM HH

*       Launch Date: March 1997

CNN Headline News

Profile: Throughout the weekdays and on weekends, Headline News delivers concise, fast-paced news for viewers on the go. It's the information viewers need to know, when they need to know it. And now prime time is the place to be for the hard-to-reach affluent and young audiences. Three hot shows during prime delivers the content today's viewers want to see and provide advertisers with additional opportunities that extend beyond traditional news packages. The white-hot categories of entertainment and legal topics allow advertisers to package Headline Prime with entertainment and legal programming on entertainment networks, extending their reach to more of the viewers they want to target.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 55% Women 45%

*       60% of all viewers are Adults 25-54

*       Subscriber base: 91.3 MM HH

*       Launch Date: January 1982

CNN International

Profile: CNN International is a network designed to meet the needs of Americans, international residents, and travelers in the U.S. who are seeking a broader global perspective on world news and information. Programming includes extensive international news from Europe, the Pacific Rim and key financial centers around the world, as well as global weather and sports.

*       Viewer Demographics: Tailored for international travelers and residents

*       Adults 25-64

*       Subscriber base: 9.4 MM HH

*       Launch Date: 1995

Comedy Central

Profile: Comedy Central is the first choice for distinctive comedy. Comedy Centrals groundbreaking original programs have successfully differentiated Comedy Central as a unique brand. Innovative originals like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, South Park, and Mind of Mencia have reinvented classic genres such as news, animation, and comedy variety. Classic comedy movies, holiday-based programming, and stand-up round out a schedule with a point of view characterized by topicality, wit and relevance. As a highly targeted, vertically programmed network, Comedy Central also delivers one of cables most concentrated, upscale audiences among key demographics. Comedy Central offers viewers a fresh perspective on politics, news and entertainment with a unique sensibility that can be found only at Comedy Central.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 66% Women 34%

*       Adults 18-34

*       Subscriber base: 86.5 MM HH

*       Launch Date: April 1991

Country Music Television

Profile: Country Music Television keeps you connected to country with original programs, live concert series, exclusive world premiere videos, and a diverse play list that includes chart-topping hits and the latest cutting–edge releases. CMT has the world's largest library of country music videos, featuring yesterday's classics, today's favorites, and tomorrow's rising stars.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 66% Women 34%

*       Median Age: 43.7

*       Subscriber base: 76.9 MM HH

*       Launch Date: March 1983

Court TV

Profile: Court TV - Seriously Entertaining is the leader in the investigation genre, providing a window on the American system of justice through informative, entertaining and distinctive programming. Court TV telecasts trials by day and high-profile original programs like Forensic Files and Dominick Dunne Power, Privilege and Justice in the evening. Court TV currently features an all-original prime time filled with groundbreaking fare: original movies, riveting documentary specials and a diverse range of suspense-filled action and character driven investigative series. Our new, critically-acclaimed original series such as Psychic Detectives and Parco P.I. extend the investigation genre using innovative programming formats and are the cornerstone of a unique brand that is experiencing rapid growth.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 49% Women 51%

*       Adults 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 84 MM HH

*       Launch Date: July 1991

College Sports Television  

Profile: College Sports Television is a 24-hour network devoted exclusively to college sports. It features shows and documentaries, as well as televising 30 men’s and women’s college sports including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, wrestling and volleyball from every major conference.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 60% Women 40%

*       College Adults 18-26

*       Subscriber base: 15 MM HH

*       Launch Date: April 2003

Colours TV

Profile: Colours TV is a 24/7 cable and satellite network offering fresh entertainment and informational programming about urban and ethnically diverse cultures. Colours TV promotes realistic images and programming about people of color. Programming offers news, lifestyle, music and public affairs from a unique perspective.

*       Viewer Demographic: Adults 18-34

*       Subscriber base: 12.7 MM HH

*       Launch Date: December 2001


Profile: Formerly Newsworld International, Current is a 24-hour national cable and satellite channel dedicated to allowing viewers to have the opportunity to help create the content that they watch. Not a traditional television network, Current incorporates information, containing profiles of interesting people on the rise, intelligence on new trends and international news from various perspectives.

*       Value to Advertisers: It is 100% short form content with segments of programming that run from 30 seconds to 7 minutes. Current adjusts what we watch based on what the subscribers of the channel are interested in.

*       Viewer Demographic: Adults 18-34

*       Skewed more toward urban/metro areas

*       Subscriber base: 20 MM HH

*       Launch Date: August 1, 2005


Profile: DIRECTV is the nation’s leading digital multi-channel television service provider. They have set a new standard for televised entertainment due to their technological advances that enable viewers to have greater control over what they watch and when they watch it.

*       Value to Advertiser: Available to the advertiser in detailed packages, targeting specific audiences.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 50% Women 50%

*       Subscription base: 11.7 MM HH

*       Launch Date: 1994

Discovery Channel

Profile: The mission of the Discovery Channel is to develop the highest-quality media content that enables consumers worldwide to discover and explore their world, satisfy their curiosity and fulfill their lifelong search for knowledge and understanding. Discovery Channel is the world's leading producer and exhibitor of non-fiction entertainment; with innovative programs, fresh approaches to history and exploration and an understanding of the planet we live on.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 50% Women 50%

*       Adults 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 90.4 MM HH

*       Launch Date: June 1985

Discovery HD Theater

Profile: This channel is a leader in its programming through its innovative, high-quality original productions and partnerships, offering viewers around the globe the opportunity to explore their world in high definition.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 58% Women 42%

*       Launch Date: 2002

Discovery Health Channel

Profile: Discovery Health Channel takes viewers inside the fascinating and informative world of cutting-edge health and medicine to experience firsthand, compelling, real life stories of medical breakthroughs and human triumphs. Brought to you by the people who bring you the Discovery Channel, and appearing in over 59 million homes.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 30% Women 70%

*       Subscriber base: 54 MM HH

*       Launch Date: August 1999

Discovery Science

Profile: The Science Channel is the ultimate source for entertaining specials and up-to-the-minute science news, offering programs that take viewers beneath the Earth’s surface and to the outer edges of the solar system in order to explain how the universe works.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 50% Women 50%

*       Subscriber base: 37.2 MM HH

*       Launch Date: 1996

Discovery Times

Profile: Discovery Times allows viewers to get to know the people and events that define our civilization. From the pharaohs of ancient Egypt to the King of rock and roll, from the revolution that brought freedom to America to the liberation of Kuwait, this channel takes viewers on real journeys through unforgettable stories and thoughtful programming.

*       Subscriber base: 35.5 MM HH

*       Launch Date: 2003

Discovery Home Channel

Profile: The Discovery Home & Leisure Channel speaks to the men and women who are looking to enhance and improve their homes. The network encourages viewers to fix up and organize their homes by offering a variety of design, home improvement, decorating, cooking, landscaping and do-it-yourself programming.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 45% Women 55%

*       Subscriber base: 36 MM HH

*       Launch Date: December 2003

Discovery Kids Channel

Profile: The Discovery Kids Channel is the place where kids can explore their world and satisfy their curiosities through with exciting and innovative programming that is grounded in the real world.

*       Viewer Demographic: Buying power (parents) and Influencing power (kids)

*       Kids 2-14

*       Subscriber base: 38 MM HH

*       Launch Date: 1996


Profile: DISH is a national coverage satellite network that offers hundreds of channels broadcasting news, sports, entertainment and international programming. Network packages allow the customer to choose the channels that are right for them.

*       Value to Advertiser: Advertisers can reach viewers in every type of demographic

*       Subscriber base: 10.9 MM HH

*       Launch Date: 1996

Do It Yourself Network

Profile: DIY Network is cable television's best source for step-by-step information for do-it-yourself projects and one of the fastest growing digital networks, offering more than 90 percent original programming. Created by Scripps Networks, the people who bring you HGTV and Food Network, DIY is the category leader on air and online at DIYnetwork.com for the know-how and how-to, providing detailed and comprehensive do-it-yourself information on nearly 15,000 projects seen on the network. A 24/7 resources for those seeking project ideas and solutions, DIY provides advertisers with an ideal environment to reach America's active adults who enjoy an interest in Home Improvement & Remodeling, Home Building, Gardening & Landscaping, Automotive & Boating, Crafts, Hobbies, Woodworking and Living (Household Activities).

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 53% Women 47%

*       Adults 25-54

*       Subscriber base: 40 MM HH

*       Launch Date: December 1994

E! Entertainment Television

Profile: E! Entertainment Television is the only 24-hour network devoted entirely to celebrities, entertainment and Hollywood. E! features original programming ranging from daily news updates to celebrity interviews to original movies and specials. E! goes behind the scenes of Hollywood and beyond. In addition, E! offers live, celebrity packed coverage of all major awards shows such as the Oscars®, the Primetime Emmys®, the Golden Globes® and the Grammys®.

*       Viewer Demographic: Upscale, professional, college-educated adults 18-54

*       Men 50% Women 50%

*       Subscriber base: 86 MM HH

*       Launch Date: June 1990


Profile: ESPN is the world leader in televised sports, offering the widest and most diverse schedule of sports programming available. The network’s philosophy is to present a wide variety of broad appeal and narrow interest sports including sporting events and sports news, information and lifestyle programs.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 72% Women 28%

*       Subscriber base: 89.3 MM HH

*       Launch Date: September 1979


Profile: ESPN2 features more than 4,100 hours a year of live and/or original sports programming, complementing and extending the ESPN viewing experience. The 24-hour service features a contemporary feel in its presentation and event programming.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 79.3% Women 20.7%

*       Subscriber base: 88.1 MM HH

*       Launch Date: October 1993

ESPN Classic Sports Network

Profile: ESPN Classic is the only 24-hour television network featuring the greatest sports games, most memorable stories, and the biggest names in sports history.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 74.6% Women 25.4%

*       57% of viewers are Men 18-34 years old

*       Subscriber base: 55.3 MM HH

*       Launch Date: May 1995 (acquired by ESPN October 1997)


Profile: ESPNEWS is a 24-hour sports news network, providing depth and perspective as well as continuous scores, highlights, analysis, live press conferences, breaking stories in sports news, scores and statistics using both online (ESPN.com) and on-air services.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 72.9% Women 27.1%

*       44% of men ages 18+ expressed a high interest in ESPNEWS

*       Subscriber base: 42.8 MM HH

*       Launch Date: November 1996

ESPNU Network

Profile: ESPNU is a 24-hour college sports network that provides extensive event programming from many men and women’s college sports, including regular-season and NCAA Championships. The network also offers a showcase of great stories, historic moments and never-before-seen events.

*       Viewer Demographic: A younger audience ages 14-26 interested in NCAA athletics

*       Subscriber base: 5.6 MM HH

*       Launch Date: March 4, 2005


Profile: FamilyNet is a 24-hour faith-based television network dedicated to providing family-friendly, enriching entertainment to today’s family. It provides a biblical message promoting sound morals with an innovative style.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 60% Women 40%

*       Subscriber base: 40 MM HH

*       Launch Date: April 1988

Fine Living

Profile: FINE LIVING is television's first network to provide a 24/7 lineup of 100% original programming dedicated to inspiring viewers to get the most out of their life. FINE LIVING is one of the fastest growing networks in the industry, delivering television consumers can use, and covering distinctive lifestyle pursuits they care about: Home Life, Buyer's Guides, Life's Adventure and Day Dreaming. Series include new standouts like Pairings with Andrea, and proven hits like Dwell, The Genuine Article and What You Get for the Money. From the path less traveled to the pursuit of lifelong dreams, FINE LIVING informs, inspires and encourages its audience to uncover the greatest value from their experiences.

*       Viewer Demographic: Universal target due to the network’s life-relevant issues

*       Subscriber base: 29 MM HH

*       Launch Date: March 2002

Fit TV

Profile: FitTV is the ultimate network that inspires you to look and feel your best, achieving fitness and wellbeing - on your terms. With a broad range of programming and interactive content, FitTV provides men, women and families practical information on nutrition, wellness, fitness, lifestyle and adventure. The network offers real solutions at a time when health and fitness have become issues of national importance. FitTV brings the quality and excellence of the Discovery brand to millions of people who crave fitness information.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 30% Women 70%

*       Subscriber base: 36.1 MM HH

*       Launch Date: December 2003

Food Network

Profile: Food Network is a unique lifestyle network where viewers will always be surprised and engaged by likeable hosts and personalities and the variety of things it does with food. The network is committed to exploring new, different, and interesting ways to approach food - through pop culture, adventure, and travel - while also expanding its repertoire of technique-based programs. Best known for innovative shows like "Emeril Live!," "Iron Chef" and "Unwrapped," Food Network continues to hold its command of the food television genre.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 35% Women 65%

*       Target is mainly Women 25-54

*       Subscriber base: 88 MM HH

*       Launch Date: November 1993

Fox Net

Profile: Fox Net, the Broadcasting Company’s cable-delivered program service, is a 24-hour network providing Fox cable and satellite programming to the areas of the country unable to receive a Fox over-the-air affiliate. The network features all of its hit shows, sports programming and classic dramas.

*       Viewer Demographic: Adults 18-34

*       Subscriber base: 1.1 MM HH

*       Launch Date: June 1991

Fox News Channel

Profile: FOX News Channel is the news network for the next generation of news viewers. It offers viewers what they want from the news today: more information presented from an objective perspective. By providing live news updates 24 hours-a-day, plus distinctive programming on every issue, from politics and family to sports and entertainment, from health and medicine to business and trends, FOX News Channel covers the events, the issues and the people changing the world today.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 60% Women 40%

*       Adults 25-54

*       Subscriber base: 90 MM HH

*       Launch Date: October 1996

Fox Reality Channel

Profile: Fox Reality delivers the best brands in reality television through a mix of acquired and original programming, including never-before-seen footage and international series never presented in the United States.

*       Viewer Demographic: Reality TV fans ages 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 20 MM HH

*       Launch Date: May 24,2005

Fox Sports Net

Profile: Sports Net delivers Fox Sports programming via cable and satellite, playing a defining role in elevating sports coverage to the art form that it is today. The network also provides college, regional, professional and world sporting events.

*       Viewer Demographic: Targets mainly Men 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 72 MM HH

*       Launch Date: November 1996

Fox Sports World

Profile: Fox Sports World is a 24-hour sports network that delivers year-round global sports coverage to passionate sports fans from growing multi-national communities. The network offers coverage of international soccer, championship rugby, “Aussie Rules” football, cricket, daily international sports news, special reports and extreme sports.

*       Viewer Demographic: U.S. Soccer enthusiasts

*       Targets mainly Men 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 25+ MM HH

*       Launch Date: November 1, 1997

Fox Sports NetBase 2

Profile: Formerly known as the Prime Network, Fox Sports NetBase is a 24-hour program service. Under Fox ownership, this network was designed to offer high quality sports programming throughout each of its twenty-three regional stations.

*       Subscriber base: 60 MM HH

*       Launch Date: November 1996


Profile: Fuse is the nation’s only all-music, viewer-influenced network featuring music videos, exclusive artist interviews and live concerts and specials that are rooted specifically in the music experience. From music to movies to fashion to technology, Fuse’s trend-setting audiences are always way ahead of the curve.

*       Viewer Demographic: Educated, tech-savvy 12-34 year olds

*       Subscriber base: 37.6 MM HH

*       Launch Date: May 2003


Profile: FX is the flagship general entertainment basic cable network of the Fox Entertainment Group. Launched in June of 1994, FX is carried in more than 79 million homes. The diverse schedule includes a growing roster of distinctive original series and movies, an impressive roster of acquired hit series, an established film library with box-office hits from 20th Century Fox and other major studios, and marquee sports such as NASCAR.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 51% Women 49%

*       Adults 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 90 MM HH

*       Launch Date: June 1994

G4 Tech

Profile: G4 is a 24-hour television network plugged into every dimension of games, gear and gadgets, featuring all original programming dedicated to the passions and lifestyle of the video game generation. More than 20 series take an inside look at the gaming culture, showcasing the hottest trends, the newest tricks and the geniuses behind the video game revolution.

*       Viewer Demographic: Approximately 60% of Americans play video and computer games

*       Adults 12-34

*       Subscriber base: 50 MM HH

*       Launch Date: April 2002

Great American Country

Profile: Great American Country (GAC) the fastest growing cable network, is the television home of Grand Ole Opry Live, one of the most popular television programs in country music today. GAC is best known for its music intensive format that features the broadest mix of music videos, original programming and live concert specials. GAC brings viewers closer to country music's most popular artists through in-depth interviews about their music, lives and influences. Featured programming includes GAC Nights, Offstage with Lorianne Crook, My Music Mix, GAC Top 20 Countdown, The Collection and On the Edge of Country.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 22% Women 78%

*       Adults 25-44

*       Subscriber base: 39 MM HH

*       Launch Date: December 1, 1995


Profile: Galavisión is a Spanish-language cable network committed to providing a live, direct connection to the people, places and events that matter most to Hispanic America. This network delivers a unique blend of programming including first-run news, sports and entertainment programming that appeals to Hispanics.

*       Viewer Demographics: Men 58% Women 42%

*       Subscriber base: 40 MM HH

*       Launch Date: October 1979

Game Show Network

Profile: GSN, the network for games, is the only U.S. television network dedicated to game-related programming and interactive game playing. The network features game shows, reality series, documentaries, video game programs and casino games. As the industry leader in interactivity, GSN features interactive programming, which allows viewers a chance to win prizes by playing along with GSN's televised games via GSN.com.

*       Viewer Demographic: Adults 18-49

*       Median Age: 49 years old

*       Median Interactive Age: 26 years old

*       Subscriber base: 61 MM HH

*       Launch Date: December 1, 1994 (March 2004 as GSN)


Profile: As the only bilingual channel devoted exclusively to soccer, GolTV has an impressive programming lineup that offers action-packed compacts, informative programming, daily-news shows, historic and commemorative programming, and highlight programs.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 70% Women 30%

*       Subscriber base: 65+ MM HH

*       Launch Date: March 2003

The Golf Channel

Profile: The Golf Channel (TGC), chaired by Arnold Palmer, is the only television network devoted exclusively to golf 24 hours a day. With access to thousands of hours of instruction a year, golfers of all levels can improve their game just by tuning in. TGC's programming schedule includes more live golf coverage than any other network, as well as news, instruction and original specials. In addition to being the exclusive cable home of the Nationwide Tour, the Canadian Tour, the European Tour, and the Champions Tour, The Golf Channel televises competition from the LPGA, USGA, PGA of America, PGA Tour of Australasia and Sunshine Tour of Southern Africa.

*       Viewer Demographic: Most viewers have a high income and an active lifestyle

*       Men 77% Women 23%

*       Subscriber base: 66.4 MM HH

*       Launch Date: January 1995

The Hallmark Channel

Profile: Hallmark Channel is a 24-hour basic cable network that provides a diverse slate of high-quality entertainment to a national audience of 83 million subscribers. The network is the nation's leading provider of quality family friendly programming and consistently ranks among the Top 10 ad-supported cable networks. Our standing is attributed to satisfying a growing appetite for high-quality story telling that Hallmark Channel consistently delivers via star-studded Original Movies, classic TV series, and Holiday celebrations. The Hallmark brand's reputation for quality creates a unique advertising environment where our viewers are connected to and engaged with the programming, are entertained by the stories, and feel more positive about the brands advertised within that environment.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 45% Women 55%

*       Adults 25-54

*       Subscriber base: 75 MM HH

*       Launch Date: August 2001

Hallmark Movie Channel

Profile: The Hallmark Movie Channel provides entertaining, family-friendly movies, mini-series and popular series that represent the quality that viewers have come to expect from Hallmark.

*       Viewer Demographic: Adults 25-54

*       Female Skewed

*       Subscriber base: 1.1+ MM HH

*       Launch Date: July 1, 2006

The History Channel

Profile: The History Channel reveals the power and passion of history personally, and enables viewers to connect their own lives to the great lives and events of the past.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 75% Women 25%

*       Adults 25-64

*       Subscriber base: 90 MM HH

*       Launch Date: January 1995

History International

Profile: The History Channel reveals the power and passion of history as an inviting place where people experience history personally and connect their own lives to the great lives and events of the past. The History Channel is the only place "Where the Past Comes Alive.".

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 70% Women 30%

*       Subscriber base: 38 MM HH

*       Launch Date: November 1998

HGTV: Home and Garden Television

Profile: When your thoughts turn to home, turn to Home & Garden Television (HGTV). HGTV brings you ideas, information, and inspiration from America's leading homebuilders, decorators, gardeners and craft experts. You'll find everything you need to improve your home, whether you're retiling the bathroom, collecting antiques for the holidays or creating a water garden. HGTV offers something for every interest, no matter what your age or lifestyle. And you'll always find exciting and entertaining new programs to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends. So if you truly love your home, you'll love HGTV.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 30% Women 70%

*       Adults 25-54

*       Subscriber base: 90 MM HH

*       Launch Date: December 1994

ImaginAsian TV

Profile: Committed to promoting and serving the diverse cultures that comprise the Asian-American community, ImaginAsian TV will infuse the current television landscape with the best Asian-American media content available.

*       Viewer Demographic: Asian-American Adults 18-45

*       Subscriber base: 12 MM HH

*       Launch Date: August 2004


ION Network

Profile : ION Network owns and operates the largest television station group that airs wholesome programming exemplifying upstanding morals in today’s society, while providing entertainment that is fun and friendly for the whole family.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 40% Women 60%

*       Subscriber base: 84 MM HH

*       Launch Date: August 31, 1998


The Inspiration Network

Profile: The Inspiration Network is a 24-hour-a-day programmer and advertiser-supported cable television network that produces and distributes inspirational and entertainment programming. INSP targets the millions of Americans who share a commitment to family values, fulfilling the growing demand for value-based programming. INSP's inspirational entertainment also includes weekday programs for kids and teens, music, talk and variety shows, concerts and other family-oriented programs.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 45% Women 55%

*       Subscriber base: 22 MM HH

*       Launch Date: September 1990

The Learning Channel

Profile: TLC is lifeline programming that is fun, smart, informative, innovative and an entertaining link to real people and real experiences. The network engages emotions through bold stories about human beings’ emotion, interest and drama.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 52% Women 48%

*       Subscriber base: 86.3 MM HH

*       Launch Date: November 1980 (acquired by Discovery Communications in May 1991)

Lifetime Movie Network

Profile: Lifetime Movie Network is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week, ad-supported network that airs contemporary films for and about women including made-for-television movies, mini-series, select theatrical films and independent film acquisitions. Lifetime Movie Network extends the brand that women trust. With the stars they know and the stories they love, LMN offers movies covering every genre to suit every mood. LMN is the place for movie lovers.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 28% Women 72%

*       Adults 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 43 MM HH

*       Launch Date: June 1998

Lifetime Real Women

Profile: It's the only reality network that delivers the personal stories especially relatable to women. Serving as a lens for the world around our viewers, Lifetime Real Women takes the drama of real life to new heights. Offering themed blocks that inspire, entertain and reveal real-life choices made by women, it's programming that gives viewers a look at life as it realistically happens.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 20% Women 80%

*       Subscriber base: 5.3 MM HH

*       Launch Date: August 2001

Lifetime Television

Profile: As the destination women turn to first, Lifetime Television is the premier source of entertainment and information for and about women. With a full range of programming, lauded public advocacy programs, and a strong online presence, Lifetime is the #1 brand for women..

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 23% Women 77%

*       Targets mainly Women 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 88.5 MM HH

*       Launch Date: February 1984

Logo Channel

Profile: Logo is MTV Networks' channel for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) audience, providing a mix of original and acquired entertainment that is smart, inclusive and authentic. Appealing to a broad range of LGBT viewers and to anyone enjoying great entertainment, Logo features a vast library of major film titles, documentaries, news coverage and quality original shows and specials. As an accurate reflection of the lives of the gay audience, Logo is a place where viewers can see themselves, and be themselves.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 55% Women 45%

*       Subscriber base: 19 MM HH

*       Launch Date: June 2004

The Military Channel

Profile: Formerly WINGS, The Military Channel is the only channel providing viewers with a complete look at all aspects of the armed forces. The network features personal stories of servicemen and women, in-depth analysis of military technology and battlefield strategy, as well as the human drama of courage and long-held traditions.

*       Viewer Demographic: Military families, people interested in joining the armed forces, U.S. Military personnel and current soldiers.

*       Subscriber base: 37 MM HH

*       Launch Date: January 10, 2005


Profile: Whenever and wherever news breaks, MSNBC is on the scene, with a team of award-winning correspondents. MSNBC also uses the world-class newsgathering resources of NBC News and NBC's more than 200 affiliated stations to assure viewers of the highest quality 24 hours news coverage. Built on the worldwide resources of NBC News, MSNBC is the 24-hour news network with a companion Internet service at www.msnbc.com. By developing programming simultaneously for cable and the Internet, MSNBC offers truly integrated television, interactive news and dynamic discussion of topical events.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 57% Women 43%

*       Highly-educated professional Adults 25-54

*       Subscriber base: 84 MM HH

*       Launch Date: July 15, 1996

MTV: Music Television

Profile: MTV is the music authority where young adults turn to find out what’s happening and what’s next in music and popular culture. It defines generations with a connection to music through groundbreaking and inclusive youth-oriented programming, and a showcase of up-and-coming artists and music videos.

*       Viewer Demographic: All Ages 12-34

*       Median Age: 21 years old

*       Subscriber base: 88.7 MM HH

*       Launch Date: August 1, 1981


Profile: MTV2 is a unique, interactive and seamless combination of music, gaming and rogue programming. The network’s fast-paced style creates a dynamic environment filled with music videos, strange but captivating original shows, and some of the most random clips scoured from the Internet, old B-movies and the public service dustbin.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 70% Women 30%

*       Targets mainly Ages 12-24

*       Subscriber base: 53.6 MM HH

*       Launch Date: August 1, 1996


Profile: A 24-hour college network devoted to every aspect of college life. MtvU reaches college students everywhere they are: on TV in dorms and common areas, surfing the web, on wireless handsets, or just walking around campus.

*       Viewer Demographic: College students 18-24

*       Subscriber base: 730 College Campuses Nationwide

*       Launch Date: May 2000

Mun 2

Profile: Mun2 Television is a bilingual cable network targeting young U.S. Latinos through original programming that reflects their lifestyles. The network offers an innovative line-up that celebrates Latino youth culture with shows presented both in English and Spanish.

*       Viewer Demographic: Male Skewed

*       Latinos Age 18-34

*       Subscriber base: 8.7 MM HH

*       Launch Date: October 2001

National Geographic Channel

Profile: The National Geographic Channel (NGC), available 7 days a week - 365 days a year, brings adventure, exploration, culture and natural science to life through passionate storytelling, spectacular imagery and expert eyewitness accounts. NGC offers a wide breadth of relevant programming to immerse viewers in the world's stories as they unfold, including award-winning documentaries and specials. For the last 118 years, the National Geographic Society has expanded humanity's understanding of the world. The National Geographic Channel continues that mission by connecting viewers to the wonders of the world. The National Geographic Channel is a business enterprise of the Fox Cable Group and National Geographic Television..

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 55% Women 45%

*       Adults 25-54

*       Subscriber base: 60+ MM HH

*       Launch Date: January 2001

National Lampoons Network

Profile: National Lampoons Network is a next generation television network dedicated to finding and creating dynamic, cutting-edge programming for Colleges and Universities. The network brings together the collective student audience by providing reality based original programming and weekly student produced television throughout the school year.

*       Viewer Demographic: College students Ages 18-24

*       Subscriber base: 400 College campuses nationwide

*       Launch Date: August 2002


Profile: NBA TV is a television network dedicated to showcasing the sport of basketball. The network is financially backed by the National Basketball Association.

NFL Network

Profile: Devoted solely to the most popular sport in America, football, the NFL Network provides an “insider’s” perspective into NFL’s past, present and future.

*       Viewer Demographic: Male Skewed

*       Subscriber base: 1.5 MM HH

*       Launch Date: November 2003

Nick at Nite

Profile: Nick at Nite is the evening and overnight programming network home to modern television classics. The channel provides America’s favorite TV series, sitcoms and beloved shows from the past, all individually restored to the finest possible graphic quality.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 39% Women 61%

*       Adults 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 88.4 MM HH

*       Launch Date: July 1, 1985


Profile: Nickelodeon believes that kids live their lives as an adventure, giving them programming like Nicktoons, live-action originals and the latest in pop culture, centered around the world of kids themselves.

*       Viewer Demographic: Kids K2-11 (70%) and Adults 18-49 (30%)

*       Buying power (parents) and Influencing power (kids)

*       Subscriber base: 88.7 MM HH

*       Launch Date: April 1979

The Outdoor Channel

Profile: The Outdoor Channel is the TV home of the traditional outdoor sportsman. Founded by outdoorsmen for outdoorsmen, the network celebrates, educates and informs the outdoor lifestyle. Emphasizing action in the field, The Outdoor Channel's exclusive first run programming focuses on fishing and hunting around the world, covering every diverse aspect of these sports including marlin fishing, bass fishing, fly fishing, big game hunting, safari, waterfowl and turkey hunting. The Outdoor Channel also airs original programs focused around the outdoors lifestyle, such as shooting sports, biographies, motor sports and travelogues.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 79% Women 21%

*       Median Age: 42 years old

*       Subscriber base: 26.3 MM HH

*       Launch Date: April 1993 (part-time) and June 1994 (full-time)

Ovation – The Arts Network

Profile: Ovation is television’s only channel devoted exclusively to the arts. The network gives consumers an all-around view of all of the arts by offering groundbreaking performances and intriguing artist profiles. Programming further includes world music, performances of opera, dance and drama and special presentations of the arts for children.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 45% Women 55%

*       Subscriber base: 25 MM HH

*       Launch Date: April 21, 1996


Profile: As a network committed to entertaining today’s women, Oxygen’s programming includes comedy, romance, celebrity/talk, movies and lifestyle, as well as innovative and amusing Oxygen originals designed to cover every aspect of a woman’s lifestyle.

*       Viewer Demographic: Targets mainly young, hip, upscale women

*       Women Ages 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 60 MM HH

*       Launch Date: February 2000

Science-Fiction Channel

Profile: The Sci Fi Channel is a 24-hour world of entertainment, drawing from the best of science fiction, science fact, fantasy and classic horror. This network fuels the imagination through epic television events, compelling original series and intriguing original movies.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 55% Women 45%

*       Adults 25-54

*       Subscriber base: 84.5 MM HH

*       Launch Date: September 1992


Profile: Sí TV goes beyond tradition beyond by catering to today’s English-speaking Latinos through programming designed just for them. The network delivers a mix of original and acquired programming that pushes the boundaries of the genre.

*       Viewer Demographic: Adults 18-34

*       Subscriber base: 1.25 + MM HH

*       Launch Date: February 2004


Profile: SOAPnet, one of the fastest growing cable networks, kicks off its sixth year in January 2006. A top network for women, SOAPnet, the new way to watch soaps, is the first full-time network to target the true soap viewers who are unable to watch during the day due to their busy schedules. SOAPnet is the only place on television where passionate and loyal viewers can watch same-day rebroadcasts of some of their favorite daytime dramas. Add classic dramas like "Dallas" and "Beverly Hills 90210," original popular series like the Daytime Emmy nominated Soap Talk, I Wanna Be A Soap Star, and new entertainment specials, and you have a 24/7 loyal and attentive viewing environment sure to generate exciting advertising opportunities!

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 20% Women 80%

*       Adults 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 39 MM HH

*       Launch Date: January 24, 2000

Sleuth Channel

Profile: Sleuth is the first entertainment cable channel dedicated entirely to the intensely popular, enduring mystery and crime genres. The network offers an exclusive lineup of exciting television shows, movies and other mystery and crime programming from NBC’s vast collection.

*       Viewer Demographic: Male skewed

*       Subscriber base: 5+ MM HH

*       Launch Date: January 1, 2006

Speed Channel

Profile: SPEED, celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2006, is the nation's first and foremost cable network dedicated to motor sports and the passion for everything automotive. From racing to restoration, motorcycles to movies, SPEED delivers quality programming from the track to the garage. Now available in nearly 70 million homes in North America, SPEED is among the fastest growing sports cable networks in the country and an industry leader in interactive TV, video on-demand, mobile initiatives and broadband services. SPEED has exclusive coverage of the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, Formula One, World Rally, Supercross, ARCA, IHRA, ALMS, Grand American Road Racing, and live coverage of AMA and FIM motorcycle road racing events. In addition, SPEED features original programs in Primetime with original auto lifestyle and magazine shows including Pinks, Unique Whips, Texas Hardtails and Build or Bust. From racing to restoration. Classics to car shows. Whatever they’re into, it’s all about SPEED.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 82% Women 18%

*       Subscriber base: 73 MM HH

*       Launch Date: February 2002

Spike TV

Profile: Spike honors the best in horror, sci-fi and fantasy entertainment! On Tuesday, October 23rd, all hell's gonna break loose with the return of Spike TV's Scream Awards. This killer 2-hour extravaganza pays homage to everything that's great about horror, sci-fi and fantasy, with some comic book culture sprinkled in. All your favorite killers, freaks, wizards and heroes gathered for one incredible night only. And like any good horror flick, it will be full of surprises. Get ready for a bloody good time!

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 62% Women 38%

*       Targets mainly Men 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 90 MM HH

*       Launch Date: March 2000

Sports South

Profile:   The former Turner South, SportSouth produces original series, specials and documentaries that  take viewers closer to their local sports personalities and teams than ever before, providing behind-the-scenes access and sharing emotionally engaging sports stories from around the region. In addition to insightful original sports programming, SportSouth also features more than 180 live events and games. The network will also showcase southern collegiate sports, including action from the Big South and Southern Conferences, as well as other local events from throughout the region..

*       Viewer Demographic: People living in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, and regions of western North Carolina.

*       Adults 18-54

*       Subscriber base: 7.5 MM HH

*       Launch Date: October 1999


Profile: Style Network, is dedicated to improving the way you live your life, and features a full slate of original programming and specials that cover the entire lifestyle spectrum, inspiring viewers to express their own personal style. Style Network covers the gamut of the lifestyle genre from where you live, to the clothes you wear, to the food you serve... the total way you look and feel. Style brings real ideas to real people all on one network.

*       Viewer Demographic: Targets a young, upscale, educated, professional

*       female audience ages 18-49

*       Men 29% Women 71%

*       Subscriber base: 42 MM HH

*       Launch Date: October 1998


Profile: Created to provide a new range of viewing choices to U.S. Hispanics, Telefutura combines traditional Spanish-language schedules with an innovative lineup of top-quality entertainment. This network features news briefs, original Latin American talk shows, first-run and encore novellas, blockbuster sports programming and teen-related hit series.

*       Viewer Demographic: Spanish-speaking Adults 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 20 MM HH

*       Launch Date: January 14, 2002

Telemundo Group, Inc.

Profile: Telemundo is a Spanish-language television broadcast network whose main source of revenue comes from the sale of network advertising time on its eight full-power and fifteen low-power owned and operated Spanish-language television stations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

*       Value to Advertiser: Advertisers can use Telemundo’s resources to reach the Hispanic culture of the U.S.

*       Viewer Demographic: Spanish-speaking Adults 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 10 MM HH

*       Launch Date: 1986

The Tennis Channel

Profile: The 24-hour television network devoted to tennis and other racquet sports, providing unparalleled coverage of the game, its elite championships and its superstar athletes. The Tennis Channel also showcases instruction from the finest teachers, legendary matches, in-depth profiles of the greatest players, analysis and news, the latest on equipment and tennis getaways.

*       Viewer Demographic: Targets affluent, educated adults

*       Men 52% Women 48%

*       Subscriber base: 10+ MM HH

*       Launch Date: May 2003

Toon Disney Channel

Profile: With the best variety of Disney animation and toon movies, Toon Disney pushes the limits of adventure and “cartoony” fun with its energized, surprising and mischievous style, establishing a place where families and friends can all enjoy the network.

*       Viewer Demographic: Kids 2-11 (59%) and Adults 18-49 (41%)

*       Boys 61% Girls 39%

*       Buying power (parents) and Influencing power (kids)

*       Subscriber base: 48 MM HH

*       Launch Date: April 1998

Turner Broadcasting System

Profile: TBS is the destination for viewers who want to be entertained by some of television’s funniest and most-acclaimed primetime series, original comedic reality shows, blockbuster movie premieres, unique movie showcases and themed special events.

*       Viewer Demographic: Adults 18-54

*       Median Age: 36.5 years old

*       Subscriber base: 88.9 MM HH

*       Launch Date: December 1976

Turner Network Television

Profile: As the #1 destination for drama, TNT engages hearts and minds by delivering 100% dramatic entertainment with its original films, limited series, movies, sports and original series.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 51% Women 49%

*       Adults 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 89 MM HH

*       Launch Date: October 1988

The Travel Channel

Profile: Travel Channel believes in the magic of journeys to change and enrich lives. Travel Channel's programming delivers enlightening journeys, diverse excursions, human stories and unmatched travel information. Travel Channel is a passport to a broader, more fulfilling life through the experience of travel.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 55% Women 45%

*       Median Age: 46.2 years old

*       Subscriber base: 75.7 MM HH

*       Launch Date: February 1, 1987

TV Guide Channel

Profile: TV GUIDE CHANNEL is the only network dedicated to television and to making the consumer's television experience better and simpler. No one else on TV provides a better answer to the question "What's On?".

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 45% Women 55%

*       Adults 18-34

*       Subscriber base: 80 MM HH

*       Launch Date: February 1999

TV One  

Profile: TV One is a modern television destination that features a broad range of lifestyle and entertainment programming designed to entertain, inform and inspire a diverse audience of contemporary African Americans.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 40% Women 60%

*       African American Adults 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 29.5 MM HH

*       Launch Date: January 2004

TV Land

Profile: From beloved shows to classic commercials and original specials, TV Land is the only network dedicated to the best shows of the past 50 years.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 45% Women 55%

*       Adults 25-54

*       Subscriber base: 84.4 MM HH

*       Launch Date: April 29, 1996


Profile: Univision is the leading Spanish-language media company in the United States that includes television, radio, music and Internet offerings designed to entertain and inform more Hispanics each day than any other media company.

*       Value to Advertiser: Advertising on this network is effective because the majority of Hispanics speak Spanish in the home.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 50% Women 50%

*       Subscriber base: 78% of all Hispanics watch Univision

*       Launch Date: 1961

USA Network

Profile: USA Network is committed to providing quality original programming through its blend of original series, one-of-a-kind special events, franchise events, blockbuster theatricals and off-net current season series.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 49% Women 51%

*       Adults 18-54

*       Subscriber base: 89 MM HH

*       Launch Date: April 1980


Profile: VH1’s original series, concerts, live events, music, movies and new music videos consistently keep adults connected to the music and pop culture they love.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 42% Women 58%

*       Adults 18-49

*       Median Age: 25.8 years old

*       Subscriber base: 88 MM HH

*       Launch Date: January 1985 (re-launched October 1994)

VH1 Classic

Profile: For viewers who wish to take a trip down memory lane, VH1 Classic European is the perfect fit, offering truly timeless hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 50% Women 50%

*       Median Age: 34 years old

*       Subscriber base: 50 MM HH

*       Launch Date: May 2000

WE: Women’s Entertainment

Profile: WE TV is a network dedicated to helping women connect with one another and the world around them. This network supports women and appeals to their interests in pop culture, relationships and personal style through programming that includes quality original series, unique movie packages and specials.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 20% Women 80%

*       Adults 25-54

*       Subscriber base: 56 MM HH

*       Launch Date: January 2001

The Weather Channel

Profile: Launched in Atlanta in 1982, The Weather Channel has established itself as the nation's leading weather information provider and an indispensable source for understanding and planning for weather. The Weather Channel hosts a staff of more than 120 expert meteorologists in various specialties who use state-of-the-art systems to provide in-depth analysis and 24-hour tracking of international, national and local weather conditions.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 50% Women 50%

*       Median Age: 48 years old

*       Subscriber base: 88.4 MM HH

*       Launch Date: May 1982

WEATHERSCAN by The Weather Channel

Profile: Delivering local weather information 24-hours a day through high-quality graphics and radar, Weatherscan gives you up-to-the-minute local forecasts and current conditions.

*       Viewer Demographic: Adults 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 15 MM HH

*       Launch Date: October 1999

WB100+ Station Group

Profile: WB100+ is a group of non-broadcast local cable television outlets for areas below the top 100 television media markets in the United States. The stations are generally managed and promoted by a local affiliate of a larger over-the-air television station.

*       Value to Advertiser: WB100+ covers 32 of the top 100 U.S. markets in effective buying income

*       Viewer Demographic: All Adults 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 8.5 MM HH

*       Launch Date:

Superstation WGN Cable

Profile: Based out of Chicago, Superstation WGN places a focus on family and young adults by including new original programming, sitcoms, blockbuster movies, groundbreaking dramas, reality series and year-round live sports featuring the Chicago Cubs.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 40% Women 60%

*       Adults 18-49

*       Subscriber base: 67 MM HH

*       Launch Date: November 1978


Profile: VERSUS (previously Outdoor Channel) is the center of competition, and the only cable network celebrating competition in all its forms. The network provides an anytime destination for people to satisfy their primal need for competition with in-depth coverage of exclusive live events and original programming including the NHL, America's Cup, Field Sports, Professional Bull Riders (PBR), The Tour de France, Mountain West Conference College Football and more. VERSUS is a movement to protect the ideals and tradition of pure sport and competition, giving it a voice and home on TV. The Competition is on. VERSUS.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 70% Women 30%

*       Median Age: 43 years old

*       Subscriber base: 61 MM HH

*       Launch Date: July 14, 1995

WISDOM Television

Profile: WISDOM Television delivers high-quality, life-enhancing programming on health and wellness, relationships, parenting, spirituality, environmental issues and community involvement, sparking the mind, toning the body, feeding the spirit and healing the earth.

*       Viewer Demographic: Men 44% Women 56%

*       Adults 35-54

*       Subscriber base: 5.5 MM HH

*       Launch Date: July 1997

YES Network

Profile: The YES Network is a 24-hour premier sports and entertainment television network broadcasting 130 Yankees games as well as other professional sports teams, collegiate games, classic sports footage, original biographies, interviews and magazine programs.

*       Viewer Demographic: Sports fans living in New York, Connecticut, parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania

*       Men 70% Women 30%

*       Subscriber base: 9.5 MM HH

*       Launch Date: March 2002